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Hats Tatts
Hats Tatts
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Great prompt and efficient service. Very reliable
Nahid sabaghi
Nahid sabaghi
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I recently had the pleasure of purchasing flowers from Sisuflower shop, and it was an exceptional experience from start to finish. The customer service was outstanding, with staff who were both knowledgeable and genuinely enthusiastic about their work. They helped me select the perfect arrangement, offering valuable advice on flower combinations and care tips. The flowers themselves were fresh, vibrant, and beautifully arranged. The quality was evident, and the bouquet looked even better than the pictures online. Delivery was prompt and the flowers arrived in perfect condition, carefully packaged to ensure no damage during transit. Overall, Sisuflower shop exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to buy high-quality flowers with excellent service. This was by far the best flower-buying experience I’ve ever had.
Amelia Kelly
Amelia Kelly
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The Sisu Flower boutique is by far the best and most lovely flower shop I have ever had the privilege to buy from. Its range of beautiful flowers are always fresh and stunning! Additionally, it has the kindest owners I’ve ever met which made my day! I have been here many times and I can’t wait to go back, thank you Sisu Flowers!!
Katayoun Zoufan
Katayoun Zoufan
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I had very good experience there,Reasonable price, fabulous design and so helpful owner.
Matt Ahdi
Matt Ahdi
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I had an amazing experience with Sisuflower! Their flower arrangements are stunning and truly unique. I needed a bouquet for a special occasion and they exceeded all my expectations. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, helping me choose the perfect flowers. I highly recommend Sisuflower for any floral needs – they bring beauty and elegance to every event. Will definitely be returning for more!
Niloofar Shidfar
Niloofar Shidfar
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The owner of this business is very kind and has great taste. The flowers are fresh and beautiful.

About this Item

Evelyn: A Timeless Bouquet of Elegance and Serenity

In the art of floristry, the essence of beauty, emotion, and message is often encapsulated within the delicate petals of each flower chosen. “Evelyn,” a name that exudes elegance and grace, is a fitting title for a bouquet that embodies such qualities through its sophisticated and serene arrangement. This bouquet is not just a mere assembly of flowers; it’s a narrative of nature’s finest work, a composition that speaks directly to the soul.

The Essence of Evelyn

The Evelyn bouquet is a meticulously curated collection of blooms that resonate with the purity of white and the tranquility of green, creating a harmonious blend that appeals to those with a penchant for timeless beauty. Each flower is selected for its symbolic meaning and aesthetic contribution to the whole.

Visual Harmony

At first glance, Evelyn presents a visual feast of textures and forms. The bouquet’s composition is a testament to the designer’s skill in balancing the bold with the delicate, the structured with the effervescent. Orchids, lilies, and chrysanthemums are the stars of the show, with verdant accents provided by textured greenery. The soft, pastel hues of the wrapping complement the arrangement, adding a touch of understated luxury.

Symbolic Flourishes

Beyond its beauty, Evelyn is rich in symbolism. The white orchids represent purity, strength, and love. They are the heart of the bouquet, offering a sense of dignity and refined beauty. The lilies, with their trumpet-like blooms, herald happiness and tranquility, while the chrysanthemums stand for fidelity and optimism. Together, these blooms do not merely create a visual impact but also convey a deep and thoughtful message.

The Composition of the Bouquet

Delving deeper into the composition of the Evelyn bouquet, one can appreciate the thoughtful choice of flowers and the craftsmanship that goes into its creation.

Orchids: The Beacon of Beauty

The use of orchids in Evelyn is significant. Orchids have a universal appeal, symbolizing luxury, beauty, and strength. In this arrangement, their prominent, outstretched petals offer a striking contrast against the softer, fuller blooms, making them a captivating focal point.

Lilies: The Whisper of Elegance

Lilies bring a particular kind of majesty to Evelyn. Their large, fragrant flowers evoke a sense of purity and have been associated with various cultural myths and legends, often linked to the divine. In this bouquet, they add height and structure, infusing the arrangement with their regal presence.

Chrysanthemums: The Tapestry of Texture

Chrysanthemums, with their full, rounded appearance, introduce a lavish texture to the bouquet. They serve as a beautiful backdrop to the more dominant flowers, filling any gaps and providing a lush, dense base for the composition.


Greenery: The Symphony of Serenity

The greenery in Evelyn is no afterthought. It is chosen for both its aesthetic and its ability to create a backdrop that accentuates the purity of the blooms. The greenery adds depth, introducing various shades and textures that enhance the overall appearance of the bouquet.

The Craft Behind Evelyn

Creating Evelyn is not just a process but a craft. Skilled florists carefully select each bloom, ensuring they are at the perfect stage of openness to last beyond the initial presentation. The arrangement is then constructed with a keen eye for balance and harmony.

The Art of Selection

Choosing the flowers for Evelyn requires a discerning eye. Florists must consider the size, shape, and color of each bloom, as well as how they will complement one another. The selection process is critical to the bouquet’s final appearance and is carried out with utmost precision.

The Technique of Arrangement

The arrangement of Evelyn is an exercise in finesse. Florists employ various techniques to ensure that each flower is placed to contribute to the bouquet’s symmetry and form. It’s a delicate balance between allowing each flower space to breathe and ensuring the bouquet feels abundant and full.

The Presentation of Evelyn

Presentation is key to Evelyn’s allure. The bouquet is wrapped in a tasteful pastel paper that adds to its elegance without overpowering the natural beauty of the blooms. A satin ribbon is often used to secure the bouquet, providing a luxurious finish that complements the delicate nature of the flowers.

Unwrapping Experience

Receiving Evelyn is an experience in itself. The act of unwrapping the bouquet reveals the thoughtful details of its construction, from the protective layers that keep the petals pristine to the reveal of the stunning blooms nestled within.

Vase Life

Once placed in a vase, Evelyn continues to impress. The bouquet’s life span is a testament to the quality of the flowers and the care that goes into its preparation. With proper care, including regular water changes and trimming of the stems, Evelyn can grace a space with its beauty for an extended period.

The Significance of Gifting Evelyn

Gifting Evelyn is more than a mere exchange of goods; it’s a gesture laden with meaning. Whether for a wedding, anniversary, or as a token of appreciation, Evelyn is suited for any occasion that calls for a message of pure intent and refined taste.

The Ideal Occasion

Evelyn is versatile, perfect for expressing love, gratitude, or sympathy. Its timeless elegance makes it an ideal gift for events that require a touch of sophistication and a message of lasting affection.

The Message Conveyed

When you choose Evelyn as a gift, you’re sending a message of deep admiration and respect. The bouquet’s serene beauty and the purity of its blooms convey a sentiment that transcends words, making it a powerful communicator of emotions.

In Conclusion

The Evelyn bouquet is more than a collection of flowers; it is a work of art that captures the imagination and stirs the soul. It is an emblem of nature’s beauty, crafted with care and presented with love. Evelyn represents a bridge between the giver and the receiver, a testament to the enduring power of flowers to convey the deepest of emotions.

Whether as a centerpiece in one’s home or a gift to a cherished one, Evelyn stands as a paragon of floral elegance. It is a bouquet that will be remembered long after the last petal has fallen, leaving an indelible impression of beauty and grace.

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